Executive Committee

The leadership of Division 36 is comprised of the executive committee, appointed positions and task force chairs.
President: Michael Nielsen
Affiliation: Georgia Southern University

President-Elect: Doug Oman
Affiliation: University of California Berkeley

Past President: Kevin Ladd
Affiliation: Indiana University South Bend

Treasurer: Jon Webb
Affiliation: East Tennessee State University

Secretary: Gina Magyar-Russell
Affiliation: Loyola University

Member-at-Large: Sarah Schnitker
Affiliation: Fuller Theological Seminary

Member-at-Large: David Wang
Affiliation: Biola University

Member-at-Large: Innocent Okozi
Affiliation: Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine<

Council Member: Thomas Plante
Affiliation: Santa Clara University

Council Member: William Hathaway
Affiliation: Regent University